Competition Rules

  1. All students from grades 3 - 12 (ages 8-18) of any type of school are invited to participate in Kangourou Linguistic in Cyprus.
  2. All students from grades 1-12 (ages 6-18) of any type of school are invited to participate in Kangourou Mathematics competition in Cyprus
  3. There are twelve levels of participation: level of grade 1, level of grade 2, ... and so on until level of grade 12.
  4. The competition has a form of a multiple choice test
  5. The test duration is 75 minutes.
  6. No penalty for wrong answers.
  7. At each level of participation the top 1% will be awarded first prize, the next 2% will be awarded a second prize and the next 3% will be awarded a third prize.
  8. Completion and submission of the application and payment allows the organizers to publish the name with award or test centre. Publication may appear in newspapers or the website
  9. There is no passing mark. The top 6% of the participants will be awarded prizes.
  10. The prizes are funded with money from participation fee and by sponsors. 
  11. We recognize students for their achievement but we do not compare schools' results.
  12. The papers will be available for blind people on request.
  13. Winners will be invited to a special awards ceremony, where top winners will receive diplomas and presents.
  14. The registration list will be published on the THALES site on time, which the participants should read. No refunds will be made for missing the competition.
  15. If you would like to have a copy of the student`s ANSWER SHEET, it can be prepared for you. For this service the charge is 10 euros.