Venue Approval Form2023-11-03T12:25:13+02:00

Venue Application

Every participating school needs to appoint one of their staff as the Olympiad responsible/contact person (the details need to be provided in the submitted Venue Approval Form). This person will be in charge of applications and will need to ensure that all the Olympiad examination regulations are followed.


Upon venue approval, all schools will receive login details for the Hippo Online Platform ( where they need to register the candidates by entering the required details. The VENUE registration deadline is TBA. After the application end date, no further amendments can be made. The system will automatically assign candidate numbers to applicants. The lists of candidates will remain available for printing the Preliminary Round attendance lists.

NB: School coordinators are required to print the attendance registers for the preliminary round of the Olympiad. They are also kindly requested to double check the accuracy of candidate details. Candidate entries can only be made in Latin letters (A – Z, no language specific letters).

ATTENTION!!! No candidate can be registered without the DOB and grade. School coordinators need to have the data ready before they start registering the candidates.