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About the Kangourou Competitions

President Gregoris A. Makrides at the KSF Kangourou 2019-2020 Meeting in Chicago.

We are honoured to inform you about the programme of the International Kangourou Competition.

The competition is organized in Cyprus by the THALES Foundation, a member of the international association Kangourou Sans Frontieres, which coordinates the organization of the international competition with student participation in 2008-2022 exceeding 8.000.000 students in more than 72 countries. The competition is addressed to all the pupils aged 6 to 18. Past competition papers can be found here.

This competition promotes the harmonious development of youth using non-formal education, by stimulating the creative and applicative thinking, the intuition, the imagination, the ability to select and to make decisions.

Competitions for the school year

  • Kangourou Linguistics — Greek
  • Kangourou Linguistics — English
  • Kangourou Linguistics — French
  • Kangourou Mathematics

National License for Organizing Kangourou Competitions

Click here to download the programme for the school year 2022-2023

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 22 283 600 or by email at support@thalescyprus.com