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European Networking of STEAME School Students for Exchange and Co-creation



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STEAME-Students online meeting 1 with students 5.12.2022 To see the minutes click HERE

  • STEAME-Student Award for the month October 2022 is awarded to Giorgos Tzachristas, Greece.
  • STEAME-Student Award for the month November 2022 is awarded to Sebastián de la Torr, Spain.
  • STEAME-Student Award for the month December 2022 is awarded to José Núñez Sánchez, Spain and to Alèxia Escudero Ribó, Spain.

 Manager: Ioannis Tzachristas

This project will promote the development of a Network of communication using licensed communication platforms including TEAMS or ZOOM or YouTube or similar for supporting its aims and objectives in facilitating the exchange of ideas and creative thinking between school students interested in STEAME subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship), including high-ability students. This will support the aims of results of other related
projects such as STEAME, STEAME GOES HYBRID, INNOMATH, E-I-STEAM, LEARN+ and more, in order to motivate students towards STEAME learning. Among 178 questions and answers of stachexchange communities, not a single community is devoted to top priority questions of contemporary education. This has to change and this project undertakes the very first step in this direction. The project intends to use the well-known and widely spread concept of

The idea is to help school students of mainly secondary level (grades 7-12) to build up a community, which will be sustain progressively without much supervision and mentoring. This support can be slowly reduced as the community reaches appropriate momentum from which on it develops by its own energy.
The project does not restrict to exchange of text messages only, as in STEAME, visualization plays an important role.
Thus the service in a fully innovative manner will incorporate 30 second long question movies and up to 300 seconds answers movies among other type video presentations. The success of the TikTok platform, for example, , shows that this is exactly the right form to communicate with and among young generation.

In title objectives the project aims to achieve:
1. Exchange of talent support approaches and practices
2. Networking of Minds
3. Co-creation mind of state
4. Exchange Project Based Learning ideas
5. Promote Science Communication Skills
6. Effective Web-based Communications
7. Facilitate the cooperation between students from different regions and countries in Europe
8. Support the learning of European languages and Cultures
9. Forming a Network of and potentially a European Association of STEAME school students

The project intends to run two main activities among others, in accomplishing its objectives.
Activity 1: European Online Student Creations Exchange Forum
Activity 2: Student Community Kick-off Meeting

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Education Leaders Awards 2022: Gold & Silver Education Leaders Awards for INIDEA and the STEAME project! – click here

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