Math Game Day2019-12-02T11:35:29+03:00


Date: Thursday, 5 December 2019

Registration Deadline: 3 December 2019

Where School premises

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Who can participate?

  • A team is a group of minimum 5 players.
  • Teacher registers teams before the registration deadline. Students don’t need to register.
  • Teacher can register multiple teams.
  • A team can consist of more than 5 players, but the total score of the team will be a sum of 5 best players.

Competition details

  • Participation is free for all of the schools in Europe!
  • The Math Game Day is an online competition. You don’t need to leave the school.
  • Players will need individual smart devices/computers and good connection to internet.
  • Each team plays 3 games and competes with other teams of the same grade level.
  • Classmates, teachers and parents root for their favorite players online!
  • All of the players will receive digital certificates! You can print them out and present to your teams on the next day after the competition.